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Monday, June 15, 2009

This Comic Geek Speaks on comicgeekspeak. . .

A couple of weeks ago, I did a phone interview with the fun, smart guys at ComicGeekSpeak. We discussed how publisher Cinebook goes about translating Franco-Belgian comic books and graphic novels, what the response has been in North America, what it's like to work with a largely European workforce, etc., etc. It's a pretty animated discussion.

If you're interested in listening, the podcast is here.


Spear said...

Well done, Erica, I'm very impressed! Great interview.

Really interesting questions and very in-depth answers.

I can't believe we hit the WSJ, too! I found the article online. Such exposure.

Erica said...

Thanks, fellow translator!!
I said, "That's a really good question" about 5 times too many in the interview. ;-)
Now if all the publicity translates into more sales. . .

Narayan said...

Trust I am writing to Ms. Erica Jeffrey- who translates Lucky Luke to English. I am Narayan Radhakrishnan from Trivandrum, India and a big fan of Franco- Belgian comics. For year, French comics just meant Asterix and Tintin. It was only recently that I could read other classic like Iznogoud, Lucky Luke, Spirou etc. Today I am the proud owner of all Lucky Luke, Spirou and Iznogoud works published in English. I have a request. Can you translate to English Uderzo- Goscinny's early works like Jehan Pistolet and Luc Junior. Oumpah- Pah not been in print in English for the past 35 years. I bleive that these classics should be read by the non- French speaking lover of good classic comics.
Narayan Radhakrishnan

Erica said...

Narayan, I'll pass your request along to Cinebook! Thank you for your very kind words, too. Best to you. :-)