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Friday, October 17, 2008


A tragic bus accident a few weeks ago in a nearby county left several people dead, including the owner of the bus. The bus was on its way to a casino. Investigations revealed that the bus and driver weren't properly licensed and that the driver may have been impaired by medications and/or alcohol.

One can find any number of offenses in this story, right?

So, obviously, the first lawsuit I've heard about is directed against . . . THE CASINO!??

The lawyer who has brought the suit on behalf of family members of a woman killed in the accident said on camera (and I paraphrase) that the casino needs to be held responsible for the fact that it earns money from people who are transported to the casino on buses! NOT casino buses: privately-owned buses! NOT buses driven by casino employees! NOT buses that may crash on casino-owned land!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not a fan of casinos. My outrage isn't about protecting the casino industry. It's about SHAMEFUL, SHAM lawsuits motivated by greed.

I'm wondering . . . if someone gets in a car accident on the way to the lawyer's house . . . is the lawyer responsible because the accident wouldn't have happened if the driver weren't on the way to the lawyer's house?

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