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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A gallon of gas vs. a box of plastic bags

Can someone explain something to me? SO MUCH of what we wear/put on our skin and hair/listen to/play with/drive/eat/smell is either derived from petroleum or gets to us, in part, because of petroleum. It's not just about the gasoline we put in our gas tanks.

Why is the cost of a gallon of gasoline $2.50 higher than it was a few months ago when the costs of other petroleum-based products have not risen commensurately? I know prices in general are up, but I haven't seen a $2.50 markup on a jumbo box of plastic bags or a tub of petroleum jelly.

If it's about supply, or investors, or refinery capacity, or those countries in the Middle East who are selling us petroleum, why isn't the cost of every petroleum-based product going up equally??

What do you think?

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