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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not to be an alarmist, but . . .

I don't recall what the Wall Street Journal wrote about preparing for Y2K, but here's what one WSJ journalist has said about rising food costs and possible food shortages in the USA:

"Load Up the Pantry."

At our house, despite efforts to cut back on unnecessary driving, I'm pretty sure we're spending more on gas for the cars than on food right now. The thought of food costs rising faster than the cost of oil isn't a happy one, even if we are an overweight nation.

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HappyHibiscus said...

One nice thing about the $$ is that it is going to force us to "get creative." Which might mean actually carpooling with each other. But, one interesting fact is that these gas prices could potentially shut down our entire system of transporting goods in America. I'll be chewing on that for awhile.