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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why taradiddles?

According to, a taradiddle is "pretentious nonsense" or "silly pretentious speech or writing," or "twaddle," or even "a fib."

Excepting "a fib," taradiddle seems a fitting description of much of the writing to follow in this blog. Thanks to drlogan for suggesting the title.

And now . . .
Book recommendation for today: The Small-Mart Revolution, by Michael H. Shuman.

If you're into graphic novels, please consider publications from the new-ish publisher Cinebook Ltd. Check out the Yakari books if you're shopping for young children. They're listed here on

And another plug . . . check out the book reviews at

Happy midweek to you!


Dr. Logan said...

Good name.

cillaft said...

Pish Posh! Prithee “Parleyer of Palaverings”—post on! Pretentious… Pious…or Pure Prattle!

Erica said...

Time to see YOUR blog, Ms. Cillaft!! :-)

cillaft said...

Visit - winner of 3 EMMY's and nominated for 5 more...("That's the closest you'll get," she said humbly.)